Rental Policy

ChaletSocial Rental Policies

To book your vacation rental, send an email request to

Before your trip:

  • Terms: A 50% deposit will hold your dates. We accept checks and money orders; sorry, no credit cards accepted.
  • During peak seasons we receive numerous inquiries; in the event that we receive rental deposits from two or more potential guests for the same time period, we will accept only one deposit and immediately inform the other parties of the conflict. Redundant deposits will be returned or reapplied to alternate dates at your discretion.
  • Deposits are fully refundable as long as we are able to re-book the days you wish to cancel in which case a $100 administrative fee will be charged.
  • We understand that plans can change. If you find yourself in need of changing the date of your trip please reach out to us as soon as possible to select another open date within the same season at no fee to you (other than possible rate differences for holidays, weekends, etc.). If you must change your date to another season we will work with you; however, that requires your booking and accepting a new date within three weeks of travel.
  • COVID19 Update:  We have increased the cleaning of our home to include health official recommendations with respect to disinfecting between guests. If you or any of your group are not feeling well please stay at home! If there are legitimate governmental imposed restrictions that cause your trip to be postponed we will apply 100% of your deposit to a future trip.
  • It is your responsibility to send your check for the remainder of payment including 6% Michigan tax, and cleaning fee,  to arrive at least twenty-one days in advance of your arrival; we will then provide you with the lockbox combination.
  • SNOW / COVID GUARANTEE: Mother Nature and Schuss Mountain do such a good job making snow that we guarantee the ski hill to be open all days during your stay from Opening Day until Closing Day for the ski season. If the resort closes the hill due to lack of snow or COVID we will credit you with as many nights as the ski hill is closed on your next visit (cleaning fee not included).
  • We do our best to provide you with an enjoyable stay. We cannot; however, control Mother Nature. Rent is not refundable for any reason including lack of snow, too much snow, ice, rain, etc. During rain days, ski surfaces are soft; with the correct choice of clothing, the skiing can be very enjoyable and comfortable as well. (I’m told that golf can also be played in the rain.)
  • 4WD is HIGHLY recommended, if not required during the ski season (or whenever snow is a possibility – mid-September through late-April); this ski-in, ski-out home is directly on the ski hill: Snow and ice are always a possibility. The drive is plowed regularly; however, we can’t control when it will snow and when you will arrive. The roads and drive can be very difficult while it’s snowing and immediately after. You may want to wait to drive up or down the drive until the plow truck has come through and plowed and sanded the drive. You’re coming up for the snow, so please be prepared and happy for it.
  • When driving up the streets and drive, keep your vehicle in 4WD, and maintain momentum. When driving downhill it is best to travel at a walking pace when snow and ice are present.
  • There is very often melting snow from the roof that falls on the deck at the top of the stairs, and also on the deck walkway to the ski hill, and then re-freezes to a block of very slippery ice. Please be careful! Your renting this home constitutes your acknowledgment that there will be ice and snow that will be slippery, and you agree by making your rental payment to be fully responsible for your own safety and to not hold liable Ryan and/or Jenna Angott, our agents, and employees for any mishap that may occur during your stay. Please be careful.
  • There is no phone in the home. AT&T Cellular has the best reception. Verizon is pretty good. T-Mobile, I’m told, also works, but not as well.
  • Internet Access: New high-speed WiFi at the Chalet Social!  Also, free high-speed wireless Internet is available at the Schuss, Cedar River, and Summit Lobbies as well as Ivan’s Restaurant and Bar. If you walk about 100 steps down the ski hill from the ChaletSocial Log Home you may even get a signal.
  • All bedding, linens, and towels are provided at the home. The resort provides towels at the pool, so please don’t take our towels down to the resort pool; please use the resort-provided towels at the pool.
  • Check out: Noon; Check in: 6pm
  • Late checkout (if available) 6pm: $100.00
  • Early check in (if available) noon: $100.00
  • Unauthorized Late check out will be charged at $100/hour and the cleaning crew may begin cleaning for the next guest at noon. It takes from four to six hours to thoroughly clean this large log home; please be courteous of our next guest and our cleaning crew
  • Early check-in may be available; contact us during the last week before your trip. We make every effort to have the home prepared for your arrival; however, it’s possible that the home may not be 100% complete upon your arrival. In the event of a late check-in, it is not our policy to refund any monies.
  • Quiet Enjoyment: Please remember that this is a high-end home in a quiet residential area and you must be courteous of the neighbors by not making excessive noise at any time and no noise whatsoever after 11 p.m. that could reasonably interfere with the neighbors’ quiet enjoyment.
  • Prices and terms are subject to change until confirmed.
  • Information on this site is deemed accurate, but not guaranteed. If you require some special accommodation you must confirm before making a reservation.

At arrival:

Please treat our home like it is your own luxury retreat.
  • During the ski season, first drive a 4WD or AWD vehicle to the home to check the road conditions. If the roads are too difficult for 2WD vehicles you should park them in the ski-area parking at the bottom of the hill and use a 4WD vehicle to “run shuttle”. The roads and drive are plowed regularly; however, during and immediately after a snowfall, the roads can be VERY difficult. Please use good judgment. See the section below for the snow removal crew phone numbers.
  • Please no shoes or boots inside: we’re directly on the ski hill, the drive is sanded and salted, the snow sometimes mixes with sand, and you won’t want to walk all over salt and sand on the floors, and I don’t want that mess on my nice wood floors. All of the slate floors are heated, and you will want to experience them barefoot! So please remove your shoes.
  • Heat: Turn main-level heat and lower-level in-floor heat to room temperature. Turn electric heated floors in upper baths to 70-80 degrees. Please don’t turn the in-floor heat to 90 or 100 degrees; it won’t heat up any faster, and anything above 80 is downright uncomfortable (and it will drive up the electric costs which will drive up rental rates).
  • Please don’t open Ceiling Vents in the lower level for heat. They’re for summer cooling only and will render lower level in-floor heat inoperative.
  • If you run the upper-level heat above 72 degrees (or at 80+ degrees as some people have done) expect the lower level to be cold. The excess heat from upstairs will not allow the lower level thermostat to turn on the in-floor heat. Please keep the thermostat settings within a few degrees of each other (and the lower level slightly above the upper levels during the heating season) for the best results.
  • Air Conditioning: Turn the main-level thermostat to room temperature. (Please don’t run the in-floor electric heated floors and the Air Conditioning during the same visit. The natural stone floors in the bathrooms will get cooled down by the Air Conditioning and then radiate coolness into the room; turning on the electric floor heat just fights the Air Conditioning. Thanks.)
  • The thermostat in the lower level is for heating only; please do not turn it on in the summer cooling season.
  • Log Homes do very well storing cool or heat in the log walls. In the summer when it cools down at night the best option is to open up the windows so that the logs can cool on the outside and the inside. Close the windows when it starts to heat up outside and the next day the logs will essentially radiate cool into the house all day!
  • Plug in lower-level insta-hot under the sink; run main level insta-hot until water flows without any air in the stream.
  • PLEASE No skis, bikes, or golf clubs in the house (use locked storage units outside; the “no. 1” key opens one locker, and the “no. 2” key opens the other).

During your stay:

  • Quiet Enjoyment: Please remember that this is a high-end home in a quiet residential area and you must be courteous of the neighbors by not making excessive noise at any time and no noise whatsoever after 11 p.m. that could reasonably interfere with the neighbor’s quiet enjoyment of their homes. Enjoying this lovely home is a privilege that comes with certain responsibilities. Please respect the neighbors and their right to enjoy the quiet of the area. THANKS.
  • Your cleaning fee you paid covers “normal” cleaning at the end of your stay. Any excess cleaning charges (pet hair, excessive dirt, a week’s worth of dishes, etc.) will be passed on to the guest. Our policy on accidents is that “accidents do happen” and we will not hit you for every little thing as long as the “little things” are isolated cases, are incidents that could happen to anyone, and you let us know of the broken item, small problem, etc. However, if you don’t let us know of small problems then we can’t fix them on our schedule and they can become big issues. So, please tell us of small problems; hide the truth from us and you will be charged.
  • Mid-stay cleaning may be available for a fee; if interested please contact Rick via Email.
  • No skis, bikes, or golf clubs in the house (use locked storage units outside).
  • The garage door must be kept closed at all times; water pipes can and will freeze and burst if the garage is left open!
  • Fire Safety: there are fire extinguishers under the kitchen sinks on both levels.
  • Feel free to use food/condiments in the fridge & unlocked cabinets.
  • Please don’t play “amateur interior decorator” and move the furniture all around. Thanks!
  • Futons; Important Operating Instructions:  Lower Level Log Futon: to lower, lift the bottom seat up and pull forward. To raise lift bottom seat until wood blocks lock in place and then push bottom back until unit catches.  (Loft-level futons are permanently set in the ‘bed’ position… if anyone knows of a HIGH-QUALITY futon mechanism that I can buy to make these ‘futon couches’ again please let me know!)
  • Please don’t open Ceiling Vents in the lower level for heat. They’re for summer cooling only and will render lower level in-floor heat inoperative.
  • Outside Lights: please leave all light switches with a black dot on them in the “on” position; the exterior lights have sensors to turn themselves off. The low-voltage lights on the stairs should turn on around 5 pm and stay on until around midnight. If they don’t please check the timer to make sure that the actual-time-of-day has not gotten out of whack due to a temporary power outage.
  • Take a magazine or book or two, or leave yours behind as you wish
  • Outside Grill: Please remember to shut off propane at the tank after EACH use or you may not have propane for your next use
  • Fireplace: There is a new gas fireplace – no more lugging wood, smoke in the home, or running out of wood. The main valve is on the floor to the left of the fireplace – please leave it ON. Please also leave the pilot light ON and just turn down the thermostat on the right side of the firebox when you are not running the fire. To enjoy the outdoor fire pit please bring up some firewood or stop in town at the grocery store on your way to our home as we no longer provide firewood for outside use.
  • North Schuss Mountain Drive and our private Drive will be plowed & sanded as required. If the drive is impassable (with 4WD) you may phone Kim at 231-676-0442 and indicate that you’re guests of Ryan & Jenna Angott (you may need to mention Rick Schoonover as the past owner to trigger Kim’s brain for a bit) at 2105 N. Schuss Mountain Dr. Please don’t “cry wolf” or they won’t come quickly when they’re really needed!
  • The stairs and deck should be shoveled upon your arrival; it’s your responsibility to keep stairs clean during your stay; a snow shovel is in the outside ski storage locker; please only use the totally plastic shovel on the stairs and wood deck.
  • Use sand/salt mixture in the plastic garbage can outside for “emergency drive fix”; please don’t put salt on the wood deck unless absolutely necessary.
  • Trash: Garbage may be placed in two large garbage cans in the garage; please don’t put trash in the sand/salt mix can. If you run out of room you may place excess trash in the dumpster provided to the left of North Schuss Mountain Drive just before you get to the lower parking lot by the resort entrance.
  • Master Bedroom and Loft doors to the upper deck: to lock turn door lever upward to engage 3-point latches; then turn the round knob to throw deadbolt
  • TV/SAT/DVD (Main Level):  (please do not re-wire our system… just follow the instructions below!)
  • To turn on TV and Satellite Receiver: use DirecTV Remote top right button “On”
  • To view Satellite TV select HDMI1 using the “Source” button (top right) on the Samsung Remote.
    • Use DirecTV Remote to control Satellite Dish for TV viewing
  • To view DVD select HDMI2 using the “Source” button (top right) on the Samsung Remote.
    • DVD Remote is lost; please press buttons on the player to control DVD:  operate as required (play, fast forward, etc.) Use Yamaha or Samsung Remote for volume.
  • If the SAT TV freezes up or you can only view a few channels just unplug the power from the rear of the Direct TV controller, remove the Card (front right) and count to 30. Reinstall Card and re-apply power to the unit. The unit will re-initialize and should now be operating properly.
  • TV/SAT/DVD (LOWER Level)
  • Turn on DirecTV box with DirecTV remote – please keep top ‘slide bar’ all the way to the left on “D” for DirecTV
  • Turn on the TV with Element Remote
  • Turn on Sound Bar with iLive Remote – if you only hear static press the top center button “AUX/LINE” until the TV sound is heard
  • To watch Satellite TV
  • Set TV to HDMI1 if it is not already
    • Hit “INPUT” on Element Remote
    • Use arrows to move to HDMI1 and hit “OK”
  • Turn TV volume all the way down or off using Element Remote
  • Use iLive Sound Bar Remote to control volume
  • Use DirecTV Remote to control satellite box
  • To watch DVD
  • Set TV to “Component/AV”
    • Hit “INPUT” on Element Remote
    • Use arrows to move to Component/AV and hit “OK”
  • Turn iLive Sound Bar OFF
  • Use Element Remote to change TV volume (sorry, Sound Bar only works on SatelliteTV)
  • Control DVD on the unit itself
  • Board games can be found in the cabinet below the main level TV and on the bookshelf in the lower level.
  • Video Rentals:
  • Redbox Video Kiosk:  415 North Williams St., Mancelona, MI 49659
    (231) 587-8799
  • Sunset Video:  116 South Bridge Street, Bellaire, MI 49615
    (231) 533-5918
  • Maintenance Problems: For any problems at the home please contact Ryan Angott at 248-242-3437 (cell). If you have a plumbing emergency (a stopped-up toilet is not an emergency… it’s cause for you to use a plunger) or a heating emergency and Rick is unreachable please call Dean at D&M Service 231-676-0687(cell) or 231-544-2507(office).
  • Toilet Etiquette: We are on a septic system; please do not flush antiseptic wipes down the toilet… they do not break down in the septic tank, and can get caught up in the pipes. Also, regardless of what the package says, please do not flush any sort of feminine hygiene products down the toilet. They WILL expand (as they are intended to do) in the drain lines and cause back-up problems. THANKS.
  • NO SMOKING: If you must smoke, please do so outside and put your buts in one of the provided ashtrays outside. Please don’t throw your butts on the ground; they make a big mess and our cleaning crew hates to pick up cigarette butts off the ground! Cigarette butts found on the ground will be charged back to you at $10.00 per butt. Evidence of indoor smoking will result in forfeiture of your entire security deposit.

At departure:

  • Upon departure please call or text our cleaner (contact information will be in your final rental info email) so that may begin to clean our home.  If you get voicemail please leave a message… they will not phone you back, but that’s OK because this will allow the team to start cleaning as soon as possible.
  • Please treat our home like it is your own; please don’t leave any more mess than you would in your own home. Cleaners will come in after you leave, however; we expect a reasonably well kept home.
  • Please return the unit keys to the kitchen counter (sorry, but lost keys will be charged $100).
  • On your last morning, please don’t make up the beds you used so that our cleaning crew knows which beds to strip down and clean for the next guests.
  • Please start the dishwasher when you depart so our cleaning crew can empty & run additional dishes for the next guests.
  • Please make sure that the fireplace is turned OFF but leave the pilot lit.
  • Lock all doors with deadbolts and then depart through the main door and lock the digital deadbolt from the outside.
  • Please make sure that all lights & ceiling fans are off.
  • Please turn down thermostats: 
    • Heating Season:  Main level heat to 60°, lower level heated floors to 62°, and heated bathroom floors to “off”
    • Summer Cooling Season: Main Thermostat to 80° (lower level to OFF)
  • Unplug lower-level insta-hot if you’ve used it.
  • Please fill out the guest book – if you had a great time tell everyone… if you didn’t please tell ME!

When you get home:

  • Please send me an email and let me know how you enjoyed the stay…What you liked; what you would like to see different; suggestions, etc. Remember, if you enjoyed your stay, tell a friend; if you didn’t, tell me so I can right whatever was wrong. We’re constantly striving to improve our Shanty Creek Rental Homes at Schuss Mountain. THANKS, Rick

Prices and specifications subject to change. Check back for the latest revisions and corrections. Thanks.

Owner Access:  Owner will use reasonable care to provide advanced notice of needed access during your stay for maintenance, supply delivery, or other purposes.  Owner also reserves the right to show the property to prospective guests, purchasers, lenders, or the like with reasonable notice to Guest.   In all cases Owner will use reasonable efforts to notify the Guest; however, owner reserves the right to enter the premises without notice.

Double Bookings:  Owner will use reasonable care to ensure that no time slot is double-booked; however, in the event of an error, Owner reserves the right to refund the second party to secure a booking thus relieving Owner and Guest from all obligations of this rental or any other rental agreement contained on any third-party web site.

Property for Sale:  Owner is contemplating selling the property; and, should the home be sold, Owner will make every reasonable effort to coordinate the continued renting of the property by the new owner to Guests that have already made a booking; however, Owner reserves the right to refund any monies paid in termination of any future rental; and, such return of deposit shall be the Guests sole and exclusive remedy.