Once you get close, follow purple signs to Schuss Village
Remember: 4WD or AWD is required during the ski season!

Many of the roads around Schuss Village have VERY similar names… the physical address will most likely not come up correctly on your in-car or portable GPS. Our map above and the directions below are; however, correct.

Google directions have been correct almost every time I have checked; however, we suggest that you compare to the directions below.

iPhone Maps ARE NOT CORRECT.  Android (and iPhone) will work so long as you’re using GoogleMaps

From Detroit or Flint:

  • Exit I-75 No.254 M-72 West 19.5 miles
  • Sigma Rd North towards Mancelona 13 miles; (cross over US-131 at Mancelona) to M-88 West (left)
  • Follow directions from Mancelona below

From Mancelona:

  • M-88 West towards Bellaire 4 miles
  • Schuss Mountain Rd (Schuss E. Entrance) Right 0.8 miles (follow Purple Signs to Schuss Village)
  • Schuss Mountain Dr. Left 0.4 miles (at Resort sign)
  • Schuss Mountain Lane Right (towards the ski hill and the Schuss Village “castle”) 0.1 miles
  • North Schuss Mountain Rd. (just before main “castle” lodge registration circle; as you turn right it will look like you’re turning into a parking lot; drive is then straight ahead towards street marked with “PRIVATE – Residential Area” sign) Right 1/2 mile
  • Follow N. Schuss Mountain Rd. uphill, (stay straight [slightly left] where Cedar River Ln. veers off to the right)
  • Take sharp-left at hairpin turn and proceed slightly downhill; our driveway will be the next drive on your right – 2095 N. Schuss Mountain Rd. – ChaletSocial

From Chicago or Grand Rapids:

  • US-131 North to Mancelona
  • Follow directions from Mancelona above

From Traverse City: (~35 miles)

  • US31 East, becomes North, to Acme
  • MI-72 East (left)
  • Hill Road Left~1 mile (north)
  • Rapid City Road Left (north); becomes East Torch Lake Drive
  • Stay straight to go onto Alden Highway (road curves to east)
  • Comfort Road Left (north)
  • M-88 Right (east)
  • Del Mason Rd. Left (north)
  • Del Mason Rd. Right 0.2 miles
  • Schuss Mountain Dr. Right 1.2 miles
  • Schuss Mountain Lane Left (towards the ski hill and the Schuss Village “castle”) 0.1 miles
  • Follow directions from Mancelona above